SurvitecZodiac Open Reversible Liferaft

Capacities fro 4 to 151 persons on board

Built to meet the needs of small passenger vessels, high speed crafts and fishing vessels, the Survitec Open Reversible inflatable liferaft (ORIL) range is the optimum choice for many operators. Ideal for accommodating up to 151 people, these rafts are immediately boardable after drop, allowing for safe and fast recovery of all passengers. Designed and manufactured out of our highly successful facility in Chevanceaux, France, the open reversible is designed and constructed to withstand arduous environments at sea, supported by its durable polyurethane fabric and superior inflation time. All of the Survitec ORIL rafts are specifically manufactured to be compact when stored on-board, making them an effective choice when space and service time are at a premium.


  • Assembled using Thermobinding™ (advanced hot assembly technique) ensuring
  • Ensuring 
    • Consistent (computer controlled technique)
    • Inert to ageing factors in the marine environments
    • Easy to service and fit in small light glass reinforced container
  • Equipment packs sealed in strong watertight bags
  • Paramount evacuation time
  • Venturi technology - allows FO weight/Volume savings (50-151 option)
  • Available in white, grey or black container colour options

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