Easyscape Slide

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Ideal for low free-board vessels

The Easyscape Slide systems which were formally known as the Small Inflatable Slide systems (SIS) are for low freeboard vessels. Easyscape slides and liferafts, or Open Reversible Inflatable Liferafts (ORILs), stored near to evacuation points. Liferafts or ORILs are launched remotely, inflated and bowsed into position by a simple bowsing lines system. 

An Easyscape slide is then inflated and deployed into the liferaft or ORIL. Easyscape Slide available 1.5 metres to 3.8 metres in a range of five slides with a maximum freeboard of 3.8 metres.


  • Specifically designed for high speed craft passenger ships (fast evacuation required)
  • Small, light and easy to use slide submitted to an authorisation of use when a MES may not be required
  • Facilitates the descent of passengers into the canopied or open reversible inflatable liferafts
  • Increased safety for the low freeboard vessels
  • Safer means of evacuation for passenger vessels (when evacuation deck < 3.80 metres)

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