Turbo Nozzle 2000*

Product Sku: 737759

Our Turbo nozzle features a unique design which provides very high flow rates and also safeguards the user when extinguishing fires on electrical equipment up to 30 kV thus overcoming the limitation of a traditional fire nozzle. This turbo nozzle is designed to operate in spray and jet mode, with adjustable and preset marked positions for flow rates and spray angle enabling the user to quickly select the levels suited to your needs.


  • High extinguishing effect
  • Safe to use on electrical equipment fires
  • Unique gun shape handle design
  • With male Thread
  • Unique fast rotating turbo wheel atomizes the water droplets giving optimal droplet size and distribution that gives faster
    cooling effect when fighting fires
  • The users safety is ensured when fighting electrical fires up to 30Kv as in full jet mode the max volume of water delivered
    prevents flash over
  • The handle design gives the user a better control for operating the nozzle making it easier to fight fires in vessel's workshop with a jaw of at least 75 mm

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