Vehicle Crew Lifejacket

The Vehicle Crew Lifejacket is designed for use within military vehicles travelling near water to provide means of safe egress in the event of sinking. The lifejacket is small and close-fitting, allowing normal operation whilst in a vehicle and escape from the vehicle with minimal risk of snagging. The lifejacket has been designed with an integrated rebreather which is fitted on the chest.

A manually activated gas (CO₂) inflation system provides 275N of buoyancy when inflated. Comfortable to wear, whether inflated or deflated, the lifejacket does not adversely affect the use of shoulder-controlled weapons. A light (automatically operated) whistle and buddy line are fitted enhancing the chances of survival. The high-visibility reflective areas of the stole are designed to allow concealment with fold-down flaps should operational requirements dictate. Cylume stick stowages are also fitted at the front and back.

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