Donut Offshore Descent Device

The patented Donut Personal Control Descent Device is the offshore industry standard, and was designed and developed after the Piper Alpha tragedy with the cooperation of the UK regulatory authorities and the North Sea operators.

Donut is a simple, lightweight device designed as a tertiary means of escape from an offshore platform. It enables personnel to escape by means of Individual Controlled Descent once the device has been attached to a handrail or other load bearing structure. It is easy to use and requires little physical effort.



  • Strap that attaches to the painter line of the liferaft, user is guided towards the liferaft during  descent
  • Removes risk of user being washed away when descent has been made to water level
  • Provides user with guaranteed entry to the safety of the liferaft
  • Available in standard descent lengths and in either liferaft compatible or standard vertical descent model types

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