It is estimated that over fifty per cent of the passengers and crew rescued from the water each year are from pleasure boats and yachts in distress. Among the most common incidents are fires, collisions or rogue waves: so when an emergency arises, it is vital that your vessel is adequately equipped to ensure the safety of all on board. It is for this reason Survitec has developed the RFD Seasava Pro-ISO Liferaft.

Based upon the highly successful SOLAS-approved Survitec Surviva Liferaft range, the canopied inflatable thrrow over RFD Seasava Pro-ISO Liferaft has been developed specifically to accommodate the requirements of the leisure market. Manufactured to the high specifications that are synonymous with all RFD products, our new, sleek, compact container is ideal for vessels with limited deck space. Meeting the stringent ISO9650-1 standard for inflatable liferafts, the RFD Seasava Pro-ISO Liferaft is one of the most robust and durable leisure liferafts available.

Non-SOLAS 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 Person Seasava Pro-ISO Liferafts

  • ISO9650-compliant
  • ISO 15738:2002-compliant


  • Extended service period of 3 years, reducing ongoing costs
  • Manufactured from long-lasting, corrosion- and abrasion-resistant material 


  • High-volume water pockets to ensure maximum stability
  • Simple-to-close canopy is manufactured to the highest SOLAS standards, providing added protection from the elements
  • Semi-rigid boarding ramp allows for quick, easy and safe boarding
  • Interior lifelines help occupants stabilise themselves during heavy seas
  • Exterior pressure relief valves ensure excess CO₂ is not released into the liferaft 
  • Vacuum-packed for prolonged durability
  • Insulated floor for increased comfort 
  • Comes with the following emergency pack options: <24, >24, or SOLAS B pack


  • Orange, high-visibility canopy with retroreflective panels to help facilitate the search and rescue process
  • Canopy fitted with internal and external light to ensure optimum visibility
  • Orange buoyancies for increased visibility


  • Available in two packaging options: a weatherproof valise or a tough, lightweight container 


  • Revolutionary container design, developed in conjunction with an award-winning design house, is not only aesthetically pleasing but lightweight and compact taking up little deck space
  • Max stowage height: 6m
  • New design features include handles to ensure ease of manoeuvrability and a document holder to allow the inclusion of important certificates


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