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The Inflatable Walls Training System (IWTS), is a unique training experience for military and law enforcement where users can design, plan, build and train in any terrain, in any location. Using a system that simulates the environment operators will find themselves in, helps to improve performance and enhance survivability by improving familiarisation and boosting confidence.  Tested and approved for use with Simunition – non-lethal training ammunition – operators can measurably test their skills in a rapidly deployable and fully scalable system that can be used to create an immersive and realistic CQB training environment anywhere.  
The IWTS is available in six different packages, as well as a bespoke solution which can be tailored to specific customer needs. The rapidly configurable training system is composed of a variety of common building shapes and fixtures to allow the user to recreate any environment or scenario and the fully interchangeable system is reusable, compact and easy to transport. It is also available in four skin colours to accurately replicate the environments it is deployed in and offers the option of customer-specific designs. 
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Rapidly deployable in any location

Easy to transport and can be deployed in any terrain. Entire IWTS can be packed down to 7.78m3 at 1,998 kg

Realistic training scenarios

Recreate any active shooter or CQB training scenario. Interior/exterior skin can have any environment digitally printed.

Easy storage, transport and set up

Designed for mobility and rapid set up with 2 walls inflated in under 3 minutes

Cost effective, reusable, modular

Maximizes use and value of training investment. Can be reused multiple times with modular bolt ons

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