Wolflite Safety Lamp

A general purpose safety lamp for inspection and work tasks in explosive atmospheres. Ideal for use onboard tankers where you could be working in highly gaseous or volatile atmospheres and need a flexible light source.


  • Up to 7 hours usage time
  • Up to 500 recharge cycles
  • Bulb life of 100 hours
  • Ingress Protection to IP66
  • The handlamp body and lens ring is moulded in a highly resilient thermoplastic material able to withstand the drop and impact expected from heavy industrial use, even at sub-zero temps


  • You can use in hazardous zones 1 & 2,Gas Groups IIA,IIB,IIC,Temp class T4 giving a wide range of hazardous area's you can operate in
  • It is a very simple hand lamp to operate, no need for training or specialist skills to operate it
  • The ATEX II 2 GD EEx e ib IIC T4 IP66 35 gives you extremely high levels of protection both in hzzard zones and as a waterproof handlamp
  • The electric current is limited so as not to over power your battery

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