Muster Station - Fiberglass

Product Sku: RSS-MS02

Fiberglass cabinet crew muster with removable station display for designated muster areas for personnel. All dimensions are based on the Fiberglass muster station box, which can vary slightly. The overall dimensions will remain constant, however layout spacing could change slightly. Maximum size in all cases 740mm (29.1”) x 870mm (34.2”). The backing board is constructed from 4mm Di-bond aluminium with white stove lacquered from and rear layers, suitable for harsh environments and UV resistant. Pictograms are vinyl with non fading UV resistant ink.

The fiberglass cabinets allow for three No 4 racks with a total capacity of 33 per row 99 total. Number 2 or 3 racks can be used for increased card capacities.


  • Green Fiberglass cabinet with toughened glass and injection molded seal
  • Customer Facility name can be added in the top 4” header section
  • Rack sizes are supplied as 3 row No4 racks
  • T-cards can be supplied as white card, plastic with colour options
  • Five Man IMO photoluminescent Five Man in Muster Suite Pictogram
  • IMO Photoluminescent Number 1/2/3/4 or any other number options
  • Suitable for maximum 100 T-cards


  • Handrail fixing kit – please advise handrail size for brackets
  • Bulkhead fixing  kit – supplied with either - screws or heavy duty all weather adhesive (please specify)

*Please specify correct numbers when ordering

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