30" inch 2.5kg Perrybuoy (orange) - MED approved

Product Sku: 751017


  • MED Approved
  • Fitted with MED approved high intensity retro reflective tape
  • Outer diameter: 751mm +/- 2%
  • Inner diameter: 450mm +/- 2%
  • Elliptical section: Major axis 150 +/- 7mm Minor axis 99 +/- 7mm
  • Grabline made with a braid of high density polyethylene 10mm diameter
  • Maximum installation height: 60m
  • Not to be used to operate the quick release arrangement for the self activated smoke signal and self igniting light attached to the lifebuoy
  • Suitable for all lifebuoy cabinets/housings – GRP or rotationally moulded polyethene the housing can be supplied with a range of fittings – freestanding/rail mounting/wall mounting


Snatch Grips

Lifebuoy Y Bracket

Part Code: 735985

Buoyant Heaving Lines

Part Code: 606208

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