Bauer Junior II-E Breathing Air Compressor

The Junior II-E compressor is perfectly suited for you to use onboard vessels that need to fill breathing air cylinders regularly but not continuously. It is lightweight, easily portable and compact allowing you to easily transport it around the vessel.
The robust coated frames give you durability and a longer life in the marine environment. Supplied with a 12 month air purification certificate from new.


  • 200 / 300 bar filling
  • Complete compressor with electric connecting box
  • Long life triplex p21 filter cartridges ensures cleaner air (en12021)
  • Highly engineered, robust and lightweight
  • Triplex filters ensure you a safe source of clean breathing air consistently
  • B-timer for scheduled maintenance and running hours log can be ordered. this secures the air quality level
  • The corrosion resistant steel frames make it ideal for use onboard vessels
  • We have a 20 year spare parts supply and global technical service supporting your investment long term

Breathing Air Compressors B-Timer

Part Code: 755967

Breathing Air Compressor Quality Test kit

Part Code: 902858

Bauer Compressor Filter Charge for Junior/Oceanus TRIPLEX filter

Part Code: 528935

Junior II-E/PE 100 Compressor Service Kit 500 hours or 1 year

Part Code: 652644

Junior II-E/PE 100 Compressor Service Kit 1000 hours or 2 years

Part Code: 652651

Junior II-E/PE 100 Compressor Service Kit 2000 hours or 4 years

Part Code: 736208

Bauer Compressor Synthetic Oil 1 L

Part Code: 655167

Bauer Compressor Change Over Device 200-300 bar

Part Code: 709139

Bauer Compressor Change Over Device 300-200 bar

Part Code: 709121

Bauer Compressor Filling Hose 1 M

Part Code: 606168

Bauer Compressor Filling Hose 3 M

Part Code: 654657

Bauer Compressor Filling Hose 25 M

Part Code: 791619

Bauer Compressor 50 M Filling Hose

Part Code: 758847

Filling Valve 200 Bar (black hand wheel)

Part Code: 605261

Filling Valve 300 Bar (black hand wheel)

Part Code: 605253

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