Powder Cartridge Fire Extinguishers

Our powder extinguishers boast high levels of mono-ammonium phosphate giving you quicker fire fighting capabillity even on electrical fires up to 35 kV. Survitec’s range of fire extinguishers offers you higher ratings, easier fire fighting capability and increased levels of user safety.

*We aim to stock all products marked with an asterisks at our key locations.


Universal Marine Bracket for Fire Extinguishers

Part Code: 711416

ABC Powder Refill 6 kg

Part Code: 668285

ABC Powder Refill 9 kg

Part Code: 668293

ABC Powder Refill 12 kg

Part Code: 668319

CO2 Extinguisher Cartridge 120 g for 6 kg Powder

Part Code: 668236

CO2 Extinguisher Cartridge 160 g for 6 kg Powder (BC rated)

Part Code: 668244

CO2 Extinguisher Cartridge 180 g for 12 kg Powder

Part Code: 668251

Fire Extinguisher Bracket Strap (Pack of 5)*

Part Code: 669655

Valve Seal for Fire Extinguisher (Pack of 25)

Part Code: 667584

Safety Pin Yellow (Pack of 10)

Part Code: 667592

Wire and Seal (Pack of 90)

Part Code: 667600

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