Foam Concentrates AFFF 1 % F-25

Survitec Foam concentrates are either fluoroprotein or synthetic foam types. Depending on application, it can be alcohol
resistant for polar. Solvent fi res or regular ones for hydrocarbon fi res. Foam concentrates offered are MED, IMO MSC.1/Circ.1312 approved. Some foam concentrates are HOCNF and ICAO approved.


  • Class b fires

  • For fires in hydrocarbons

  • Our afff 1% f-25 meets the latest imo regulations making it ideal for updating your vessels’ foa firefighting system

  • Ideal for use for your oil tankers’ and helidecks’ foam systems


    When stored correctly in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines or in the containers it is supplied in, it will generally have a shelf life in excess of 10 years

  • Global availability, fleet flexibility and standardisation make it ideal for a long-term solution

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