IWTS Military - Introductory

The Introductory Package of IWTS for military users contains an instant urban set up suitable for small scale or basic level training, typically for 1-6 trainees per scenario. This military scale package has been formulated with larger inflatable wall sections to give greater versatility for military training scenarios.

Suggested scenarios with this package include: 3 room town house, office floor, small cell block, emergency medic station or unarmed physical training room.

Technical information

 Deployment Time  20 mins, based on the works party of 8 people
 Weight  764kg (1684lbs)
 Storage Space  3.69m3



Rapidly deployable in any location

Easy to transport and can be deployed in any terrain. Entire IWTS can be packed down to 7.78m3 at 1,998 kg

Realistic training scenarios

Recreate any active shooter or CQB training scenario. Interior/exterior skin can have any environment digitally printed.

Easy storage, transport and set up

Designed for mobility and rapid set up with 2 walls inflated in under 3 minutes

Cost effective, reusable, modular

Maximizes use and value of training investment. Can be reused multiple times with modular bolt ons

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