SONICS Bio-Shell

The SONICS Bio-Shell is a CBRN protective suit consisting of a unique slim, lightweight fabric that allows for significant weight/bulk reduction and enhanced CBRN protection. Leveraging GORE® CPCSU-2 Flex Fit technology, the Bio-Shell represents a step change in CBRN protection, with up to 50% reduction in weight compared to traditional carbon based protective clothing. Its protective properties also combat a much broader threat, acting as a barrier against
conventional chemical warfare agents in vapour form, toxic industrial chemicals, aerosolized particulates, liquid under force (ie. when kneeling or wearing combat equipment) and biological hazards such as blood-bourne pathogens like Ebola and HIV.

The Bio-Shell’s core layer is constructed using the very latest GORE® CHEMPAK® Selectively Permeable Membrane (SPM). The protective SPM fabric is made from a lightweight, breathable film, which allows moisture vapour to escape, resulting in significant reduction in thermal burden and fatigue. The Bio-Shell also features a number of integrated stretch panels incorporated in key areas to facilitate improved mobility, ensuring its wearer can complete operational tasks such as evasion, combat manoeuvres, operating a vehicle or aircraft and first responder recovery duties. The Bio-Shell includes a separable outer garment that can be customised to any military or organisation’s pattern/colour preference.

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