Sirocco 71N (Type 402)

The RFD Sirocco Lifejacket type 402 is suitable for inshore waters when fishing,boating or general purpose.



  • Premium lifejacket with collar
  • Superior neck support keeps head well out of the water
  • Better fit makes it a safer jacket
  • Rapid roll-over onto back
  • No more one-size-fits all - reduces possibility of a too big lifejacket slipping over the head
  • Crotch strap and grab handle fitted on all Child versions (available for other sizes)
  • Neoprene sides for snug fit
  • Advanced technology foam for increased comfort
  • Soft quality fabric feels good against the skin
  • No external webbing straps to snag
  • 38mm webbing and buckles (25mm used on other
    jackets in this class)
  • Extra retro-reflective tape to aid visibility at night
  • Certified to MSA NZ & NZ Safety Standards approved
  • YNZ CAT 3 compliant

*This product is only available in New Zealand

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