SCBA Spiromatic 90U S-Mask Ambient Air Hatch Extra Air Connection

Product Sku: 731459

Expertly designed for maritime and industrial environments, our entry level Spiromatic 90U is the ideal breathing apparatus for fire-fighting. Delivering both Interspiro performance and competitive pricing, this unit is built upon the proven and reliable S-Mask/ breathing valve and plug-in regulator.

The mask’s positive pressure eliminates inward leakage of gases, vapours and liquids from the surrounding environment and is equipped with an optional ambient air hatch, allowing users to switch to ambient air whilst in stand-by.

For maximum safety, the high capacity regulator is equipped with a safety valve. In addition to this, an audible warning is placed on the chest; the alarm will be heard even under the noisiest of conditions. Equipped with padded shoulder straps and easily adjusted hip belt buckles, the harness provides good comfort for all users.


  • Open back plate for good ventilation and low weight
  • Easy to handle and adjustable cylinder strap
  • Carrying handle integrated in backplate
  • Well-proven pneumatics and robust design
  • First breath activation of positive pressure or ambient air hatch for standby use
  • Excellent breathing performance
  • Breathing valve is activated from inner mask
  • Mask and breathing valve in a compact design
  • Audible alarm placed on chest
  • Available with extra air connection

Spiromatic Hose without Outlet For Ts/Vps/Tl (for Interspiro with Euro Connection)

Part Code: 338190164

Spiromatic Hose with Outlet (T-Piece) For Ts/Vps/Tl (for Interspiro with Euro Connection)

Part Code: 34892–01

Spiromatic Hose Without Outlet For Ts/Vps/Tl (for Interspiro with IS Connection

Part Code: 538942

Spiromatic Hose without Outlet For Ts/Vps/Tl (for Interspiromatic with IS Connection

Part Code: 538934

Hose without Outlet for TS/VPS/TI

Part Code: 669366

Hose with Outlet for TS/VPS/TI

Part Code: 669358

Evac Hood with 1.5 m Hose with Euro Female Coupling, with Bag

Part Code: 32382-03

Test Gauge for SCBA Breathing Cylinders

Part Code: 522086

SCBA Cylinder 6 l

Cylinder 6 l 200 Bar with Air

Part Code: 690412


Head Harness

Part Code: 314864

Pressure Gauge

Part Code: 590711

Pressure Regulator R-402 F/S. Air

Part Code: 590752

Neck Strap for Mask

Part Code: 533521

Med Pressure Hose 135/16

Part Code: 590760

Cylinder Strap

Part Code: 590604

Harness for Spiromatic

Part Code: 532028

Breathing Hose

Part Code: 532929

Air Hose 15 m with Coupling

Part Code: 537191

Buckle Male for Harness Assembly

Part Code: 590554

Shoulder Strap Lower Part

Part Code: 590562

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