RGA4 Fall Arrest Block

The RGA4 is a three way retrieval block fitted with an up/down winch mechanism and the standard fall arrest capability.

  •  In the event of a fall, the operative can be winched up or down to safety.
  • The RGA4 can raise the operative to a safe area if the area below is unsuitable.
  • The man-riding winch function is for use only as a rescue provision - NOT for access/egress.
  • This must be backed up with a separate fall arrest system, and a rescue provision that is also separate to the winch.
Accredited to EN 360 & EN 1496 A&B
Weight 11.4 kg
Max Arrest Force < 6 kN
Features Fall indicating connector. Retrieval system.
Connector Double action. High tensile steel alloy
Size mm L 340 x W 258 x D 80

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