Survitec Spill Kits

We can supply a range of Oil Spill Kits for all types/sizes of vessel including Oil Spill Kits to meet the requirements of IMO A 535/13 and OPA of 1990, section 4202. To meet the regulation, it is recommended that vessels of 122mtr and less shall have sufficient equipment of sorbent materials to handle removal of 7 barrels (1100 litres) of oil while larger vessels must be equipped to remove 12 barrels (1900 litres) of oil.

In-land oil barges must be able to deal with at least 1 barrel (159 litres of oil). Our comprehensive range of emergency response oil spill kits enable you to handle and clean up hydrocarbons, solvents, and other organic liquids. These organised kits are ideal when the requirement for speed and efficiently is integral to a clean-up process.

Equipped with everything you will need, this 1000 litre waterproof bin with a lockable lid is the ideal solution for most vessels. Made from 100% Polyethylene, these containers can be stored outside or inside, with a sloped roof allowing for excess rain water to drain off.

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