Meridian MAHRS

MAHRS is a master heading reference instrument employing characteristics of a dynamically tuned gyro (DTG). The device is capable of monitoring the earths gravity and rotation, providing exceptional heading performance and the ability to produce a true north reference. This is also combined with a dynamic motion sensor (DMS) which is able to provide an accurate heave, roll and pitch. By closely coupling the two sensors, the MAHRS becomes a simple and fast method of providing accurate heading and attitude data.

MAHRS has been designed to provide reliable, maintenance free operation with a computed MTBF of 30,000 hours. The remarkably stable heading provided by MAHRS can be maintained for turn rates in excess of 200° per second making the system ideal for use on fast survey craft and in river/harbour environments.


  • Backed by the largest support network of any manufacturer
  • Innovative design with state-of-the-art motion sensors and DTG elements
  • Attitude and heading in all dynamics
  • Small, lightweight and versatile
  • Fast 40 minute settling time
  • 0.1° heading accuracy
  • 0.03° roll and pitch accuracy
  • Maintenance-free dry element
  • MTBF >30,000 hours
  • Dynamic turn rates of up to 200° per second


*Please note that this product is only available in Singapore

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