MK6 Oil Mist Detector

The Mk6 OMD is an analogue addressable oil mist detection system, capable of monitoring up to 64 detector heads fitted on up to 8 engines. Each detector head monitors a single crankspace and is a stand-alone device. When assigned a unique address and supplied with 24V DC it gathers oil mist density data and converts it to a digital signal for transmission via the data cable to the control unit. The control unit can be configured to monitor from one to eight engines. Detector addresses are identified and associated with the appropriate engine. Deviation levels, average alarm levels and alarm output requirements are all set from the control unit.
The large LCD display shows, on demand, the signal from each detector and indicates the average oil mist level for each engine. In the event of an alarm,the display immediately shows the oil mist signals for the relevant engine. It also enables the individual readings of each detector and the average on an engine to be displayed on demand and automatically under alarm conditions. Detectors can be changed in isolation without affecting others situation on the engine. The system will continue to operate while the faulty detector is replaced.


  • Multi-engine capability
  • High scan rate – 64 detectors in 1.2 seconds
  • Complete flexibility – up to 8 engines on a single system
  • Pipe-free installation
  • Compact detectors mounted on engine with plug/socket connection
  • Control unit located in engine control room or other suitable location, connected to detectors via junction box
  • Low initial cost and simple to extend
  • Simple cable run between engine and control unit
  • 24v DC operation
  • No air supply or extractor fans needed
  • Event Log


*Please note that this product is only available in Singapore

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