Seacrewsader 275N 3D

Crewsaver’s wipe clean lifejackets are a suitable choice for those seeking a durable, easy to clean option for industrial use. Designed for extreme working environments and appropriate for abandonment purposes, the Seacrewsader 275N 3D lifejacket is the right choice for workers based on offshore platforms and vessels operating under SOLAS regulations.

Developed for comfort as well as performance, this ergonomically moulded lifejacket enhances the wearer’s freedom of movement, leaving them unhindered to move, work and perform. However, should an emergency arise and the wearer finds themselves in the water, they will discover that the sculpted bladder is designed to inflate quickly and reliably – even when heavy work gear and clothing is worn. The unique buoyancy distribution provides top-of-the-range turning properties to efficiently rotate the wearer to a face up position in the water - whilst further protecting the airway by increasing mouth freeboard and improving both body angle and face plane.


  • Durable wipe clean cover
  • EXOLOK to prevent the gas cylinder from becoming loose
  • Foam padded cover for added impact protection
  • Modular cover system allowing you to change the cover to suit your needs
  • Fusion 3D designed lifejacket sits off your neck, ensuring you are unhindered to work
  • Unique bladder distribution for enhanced in-water performance
  • Fitted with an array of features including a buddy line and beacon status indicator
  • 2 x inspection zips for inflation mechanism and beacon status




Crewsaver Surface Light (CSL)


Pro-Sensor Elite Rearming Pack - 60g

Part Code: 11332

Automatic Rearming Packs 'L' 60g Pack

Part Code: 11037

60g Cylinder Unpackaged

Part Code: 12050

Black Auto Capsule MK5i Unpackaged

Part Code: 10017

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