4-MIX 100 CO 15 H2S 2.2% CH4 18 OX*

Product Sku: 742951

Span gases are used for the calibration and bump testing of gas detection equipment. The 742951-4-MIX 100 CO 15 H2S 2.2%CH4 18 O2 4 Component Gas Mix can be used to calibrate or bump test Survitec’s T4 and Gas Pro Units. Additionally, the gasmix can be used to bump test the Combimate and Combimate 3.

Furthermore to the 742951 4-mix gas, we also offer the 758722 4-mix 100 CO 15 H2S 2.5%CH4 18% O2. This is recommended for calibration on the Combimate range and can be used for bump testing on the T4 and GasPro.

The 34 litre cylinder is designed to withstand use of 68-90 bump tests, assuming the user carries our their test between 40 seconds and 1 minute. Contact your local customer service team to hear about stock availability. 


  • Disposable can & cylinder
  • Gas contents: 34 litres
  • Connection is C10 5/8"-18 UNF

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Regulator Valve for 34 L Spangas Cylinder (Stainles steel)

Part Code: 620013

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