Crewfit 275N XD Fish Farm

Designed in conjunction with leading fish farm operatives, the bespoke Crewfit 275N XD lifejacket is modified specifically for fish farm use. This ISO approved lifejacket includes all the same high specification features as the standard Crewfit 275N XD - but with the enhanced option to include attachment points to accommodate an easy access radio and quick release knife. Important additions for those operating remotely in a fish farm environment.

The Crewfit 275N XD range offers the ultimate in advanced comfort and performance technologies to date. The modular design creates a comprehensive catalogue including a choice of covers, inflation and harness options. Fusion 3D technology provides complete freedom of movement and ensures the lifejacket remains comfortable even during long periods of use, whilst the unique design with built-in twin waist adjusters allows for easy donning. The wipe-clean cover helps to ensure increased longevity when used continuously in the harshest of working environments, whilst the fabric shoulder panels retain a comfortable fit.

The 275N bladder outperforms approval and offers 290N worth of buoyancy. The unique buoyancy distribution provides
exceptional turning solutions even when wearing heavy clothing. The bladder is highly visible on inflation and hosts an impressive array of features including built-in chin support, location beacon attachment points and dual lifting beckets.



  • The modular, heavy-duty 500D outer cover is ideal for busy fish farm environments
  • Available with fixture points designed to accommodate easy access radio and a quick release knife
  • EXOLOK provides a clear indication if the cylinder moves, becomes unscrewed or is tampered with
  • The ergonomic design moulds to the shape of your body for maximum comfort
  • Intuitive twin waist adjusters to ensure a correct fit
  • Supplied with dual crotch stops and dual lifting becket
  • Indicator window fitted with a protective panel to prevent damage
  • Unique buoyancy distribution helps turn you quickly when in the water

* All Crewfit 275N XD Fish Farm require an accessory of your choice


CSL Light Supply and Fit


Spray Hood 275N XD Supply and Fit


Supply & Fit Lash Tab (for quick release knife attachment)


Supply & Fit VHF Pocket



60g Hammar MA1 Rearming pack with 150mm Cord

Part Code: 11321

Automatic Rearming Packs 'L' 60g Pack

Part Code: 11037

CO2 Cylinders 60g

Hammar MA1 Automatic Capsule

Part Code: 11104

60g Cylinder Unpackaged

Part Code: 12050

MA1 Back Plate with Glued 60 g Cylinder

Part Code: 11034

Crotch strap 5 m

Part Code: 10025

UML 60 g Pro-Sensor Elite Rearm Kit to replace Mk5i

Part Code: 11332

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