Firebuddy Plus Fire Fighter Kit Size Extra Large

Product Sku: 775622

A top-of-the range, all-in-one firefighting kit comprising a jacket, trousers, ProBuddy helmet, gloves and boots. The FireBuddy Plus is ideal for use in marine environments and provides everything you need for top-to-toe fire protection.


  • A complete, MED- and SOLAS-approved firefighters outfit provided as one handy kit
  • Garments with a three-layer construction to provide excellent thermal and waterproof protection
  • Softer, more flexible materials for greater comfort and freedom of movement
  • Wide elasticated braces with adjusters and quickrelease buckles allow the trousers to slip on/off over undergarments more easily
  • Fire-resistant reflective tape fitted to the wrists, jacket hem and ankles to aid visiblility
    Fitted radio and thigh pockets for practicality
  • Non-conducting gloves, and a valise for easy storage onboard ships and offshore platforms, can be supplied as optional extras if required


  • Jacket
  • Trousers
  • Helmet
  • Leather gloves
  • Rubber boots
  • Valise (bag) (optional extra)
  • Electrical gloves (optional extra)


  • Designed to give a comfortable and flexible feel while maintaining the high degree of protection required by EN659:2003+A1
  • A waterproof, breathable lining and enhanced chemical resistance
  • A Kevlar lining to protect against penetration and cuts


The ProBuddy helmet is constructed in flame-retardant copolymer plastic and has the following features:

  • Extreme temperature resistance (up to 1000 0C in a 10 second flash over flames)
  • High resistance to mechanical impacts Electrical insulation capacity E2/E3
  • Effective visibility achieved by reflective tape for optimal use in specific conditions
  • Nomex 3 point chinstrap(tested to prevent skin irritation)
  • Height-adjustable interior fitting adjustable from inside of shell
  • Integrated adjustment system (52-64 cm)
  • Wide range of accessories
  • High Tech Materials
  • High tech polymer
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog coated external visor to EN 14458:2004


  • Fire-resistant, Ships Wheel-approved wellingtons
  • Made in fireproof nitrile rubber with polymer toe cap and composite antiperforation mid-sole
  • Excellent resistance to heat contact, heat flow, fire
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals : fuels, greases, solvents, weak and diluted acids
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and cuts


Standard Boot sizes supplied with each Kit are as follows

  • Small FireBuddy Plus Fire Fighter Kit – Boot UK Size 8
  • Medium FireBuddy Plus Fire Fighter Kit – Boot UK Size 9
  • Large FireBuddy Plus Fire Fighter Kit – Boot UK Size 10
  • Extra Large FireBuddy Plus Fire Fighter Kit – Boot UK Size 11
  • Extra Extra Large FireBuddy Plus Fire Fighter Kit – Boot UK Size 12


Large suits are the standard stock size

Small, Medium, Extra Large and Extra, Extra Large suits can be supplied on request.


Fireman Boots Size UK 7 / EU 41

Part Code: 902924

Fireman Boots Size UK 8/ EU 42

Part Code: 902925

Fireman Boots Size UK 9 / EU 43 (43.5)*

Part Code: 902926

Fireman Boots Size UK 10 / EU 44 (44.5)

Part Code: 902927

Fireman Boots Size UK 11 / EU 45 (45.5)

Part Code: 902928

Fireman Boots Size UK 12 / EU 46-47

Part Code: 902929

Gloves For Firefighting Suit

Part Code: 775361

LED Lamp Holder for Fire Fighters Helmet

Part Code: 777539

LED Lamp for Fire Fighters Helmet

Part Code: 777538

Fire Axe with Insulated Handle

Part Code: 534958

Fire Fighters Insulated Gloves

Part Code: 775379

PalmBuddy Gloves

Part Code: 902181

Fire Fighters Lifeline with Hook 30 M

Part Code: 176826

Firefighters belt FHA with lanyard

Part Code: 766835

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