In an emergency every second counts. With the Evacuator, your technicians can escape within 10 seconds. Designed to save the lives of those working at heights ranging from 6 to 300 meters, the Evacuator is the world’s fastest and most user-friendly, fire proof, collective descent system.

This award winning system provides a quick and intuitive escape and descent solution for your technicians in an  emergency situation. It is suitable for installation on wind turbines, offshore substations, harbour cranes and other high rise structures.


Mechanical operation

The Evacuator system is fully mechanical and does not require electricity or any user input to operate, guaranteeing its operational reliability in all circumstances. The descent is fully automatic at a controlled speed of one meter per second.

Wind turbine placement

Having two independent escape routes equipped with everything you need for a safe descent is embraced by leading experts. The Evacuator can be installed inside the nacelle, and also on the winching or helideck with the addition of a weatherproof box.


The solid surface where the Evacuator is going to be installed must be at least in compliance with the European Standard for Steel Constructions EN1090 and Eurocode3 class CC3 safety factor 1.65. This is the highest Class and also the highest safety factor within the European Standard for steel constructions.


The Evacuator utilises a user-friendly ‘click on and go’ mechanism. Each steel cable allows for multiple technicians to descend at once, providing their combined weight does not exceed 282kg on each cable. It is also available in three models based on structure heights of 50m, 165m and 300m.

Care and maintenance

There is no fixed lifespan, as long as the Evacuator passes the annual inspection by a certified technician. Once you have completed authorised training, the annual inspection can be done by your team for operational efficiency. The same applies to installation. The inspection itself can be completed within 15 minutes.


We can support your training requirements on a global scale. Special Evacuator training systems are also available which are designed for multiple descents up to 300 times with full weight.


Evacuator is fast
Evacuator is fast

You can evacuate within 10 seconds and descent at a controlled rate of 1 metre per second to safety.

Evacuator is simple
Evacuator is simple

"Click on and go", as soon as >50 kg load is on cable, the Evacuator system will start your automatic descent.

Evacuator is safe
Evacuator is safe

Fireproof and precision designed to evacuate you away from harm during time critical panic situations.

Evacuator is fireproof
Evacuator is fireproof

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