SONICS Chempak Socks

The SONICS Chempak Sock System is used as an advanced alternative to traditional means of foot protection for CBRN. Manufactured from the very latest GORE® CHEMPAK® Selectively Permeable Membrane (SPM), the Chempak Sock System’s chemical and biological properties provides maximum protection while minimising thermal burden. Unlike larger potential cumbersome butyl CBRN footwear, wearing the Chempak Sock System does not alter a person’s gait.

The Chempak Sock can be worn under any current issue footwear meaning they can walk, run or perform kinetic military drills without any unnecessary hindrance. The Chempak Sock System is manufactured from a durable hard wearing fabric that is cut, puncture and abrasion resistant. Its long-lasting fabric is ideal for operations that potentially involve blister agents, nerve agents, industrial chemicals, blood, and body fluids and its ultra-barrier fabric is dual-certified to NFPA 1994, Class 2 & Class 3, and NFPA 1992.

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