The Modular Armoured Nautical Tactical Integrated System (MANTIS) is an integrated load carriage, ballistic protection and flotation system for marine use. It was developed in collaboration with former UK Armed Forces Royal Marines, UK Ministry of Defence DSTL and the Royal College of Physicians. The MANTIS is a technical master class in combat physiology. Its design is informed by a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team specialising in real life battlefield and combat survival, including jungle warfare, in-water safety survival and trauma and human factors.

Every critical feature of the system has been rigorously tested including load carriage, with an assessment of its impact
on the human system, donning and doffing performance, the ergonomics of functional movement and comfort, and protection of critical organs and appendages. The MANTIS has also been designed as a fully modular assembly with the ability to satisfy multi mission requirements. Its modular structure enables users to rapidly scale up/down using its patented buckle system. This combination of in-depth research and applied practical thought has resulted in a product that is scientifically proven to increase survivability and end user functionality.

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