Light Stations

LightStation units make life easier for crew members and passengers reassuring them with reliable light in emergencies. This independent lighting, operating without batteries avoids panic effects in case of evacuation, while providing efficient emergency lighting. The LightStation evacuation systems have a photoluminescent label on the front so that the LightStation can be identified immediately in the dark in the event of a power outage. A label on the outside of the box reads “PULL – EMERGENCY LIGHTS” - the label is large enough to be seen from distance.

The LightStation Model 20 is an evacuation box containing 20 Cyalume Lightsticks. The box is made of rigid ultra-strong plastic. The LightStation is easily identified in the dark by it’s photoluminescent label. The LightStation is a solution which can help in the evacuation of people by supplying independent personal lighting. These evacuation boxes are widely used as equipment on Cruise Ships. They can also be supplied for use in Train Carriages, Hospitals and Schools.

The LightStation box opens by pulling the side panel out towards you. The lightstick in the cover is activated when the box is opened and the other 19 lightsticks become available ready for activation by hand. When the lightstick is removed from the support, a simple twist and shake activates it. The lightsticks are designed for seeing and being seen during evacuation ensuring easy use and providing identification by rescue teams.

The LightStation Model 20 boxes are only available in red and have anti-break-in pins making it easy to check quickly whether the box has already been opened. This type of box is fast and easy to maintain. The standard lightsticks stored in the LightStation boxes are 10” (25cm) Yellow with a glow time of 4 hours and a shelf life of 4 years. They provide an efficient source of light irrespective of where the lightstick is held in the hand.


  • Ideal for use on cruise ships
  • Anti-break pins make it easy to check if the box has been opened
  • Simple twist and shake activation
  • Glow time of 4 hours
  • Shelf life 4 years

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