1300 Series Training Suit

The 1300 Series training suit has been developed to meet a market demand for immersion suits capable of withstanding the repetitive rigors of training programmes. Based on customer feedback, this training suit range is an authentic reproduction of the in-service 1000 Series immersion suits - as used by the offshore industry during helicopter transfer over cold water.

This range is available in a multitude of variants, offering the training provider a comprehensive catalogue to provide the ultimate buying flexibility. The suit can be tailored using PU-Nylon or high end breathable Gore-Tex Pazifik, with either patented hypoallergenic seals, Seamtite Latex, Neoprene or a Si-Tech modular system with Silflex Silicone. The Si-Tech modular system is a great addition to the offering and enables the training provider to easily replace seals on-site when necessary.


  • Training replica of in-service 1000 series suit range
  • Articulated sleeves with air expulsion valves
  • SOLAS quality retro-reflective tape
  • Traceability label containing specific identification data
  • Contoured cargo pocket located on front left thigh with donning instruction pictogram
  • Simplified sizing range

All suit options are available in either Gore-Tex Pazifik or Pu-Nylon to accommodate the provider’s requirements.

This training suit range features a variety of seal options - including hypoallergenic, Seamtite Latex and Neoprene. In addition, the Si-tech modular system with Silflex Silicone seals allows training providers to quickly replace seals at their own facility in a matter of minutes.

The front diagonal waterproof zip available as a YKK Aquaseal plastic zip or a YKK Proseal metal zip

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