Virustatic® Shield

Product Sku: AVM96

The Virustatic® Shield is a breakthrough innovation in face covering filtration technology designed for lasting protection. It is a market-leading and trusted face covering in the marine, energy, aerospace, and defence markets. The reusable, easy to fit, and washable Virustatic® Shield is a result of over a decade of UK research and development. Developed specifically to respond to face covering requirements of a respiratory pandemic, sustainability has been fundamental to the product’s development. The Virustatic® Shield combines performance selected material, a fitted snood style and a 100% natural coating.

It can be issued as front line protection for key workers including passengers travelling via helicopter to and from offshore structures such as oil rigs and wind turbines. Its lightweight design moulds to the wearer’s face, allowing the shield to be comfortably worn for hours at a time and will stay in place even when approaching a helicopter with its main rotor in motion.


  • Market leading and 360-degree snood style face covering
  • Snug fit with limited perimeter contouring the face, sealing critical respiratory infection points of the nose and mouth whilst reducing the escape of virus-laden aerosols around the sides
  • Performance selected non dyed fabric
  • Material with intrinsic aerosol filtration
  • Breathe easy and with confidence through the lightweight, breathable, elasticated, single layer material
  • Clinical tests have confirmed dermatologically friendly
  • Supports long time wear in indoor and outdoor environments, warm or cold climates
  • Conveniently worn around the neck and lifted to cover the mouth and nose when required
  • Durable fabric and specific coating prolong the life of the face covering
  • Multi-layer anti-counterfeit security features guaranteeing product authenticity

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