Flashback arrestor

Non-return valve preventing reverse flow of gases, thereby preventing a gas mixture from reaching pipelines or cylinders Flame filter to quench the flame front of a flashback or a burn back Temperature activated cut-off to prevent further gas supply in case of fire (activated if the temperature rises to approximately 100° C). Pressure activated cut-off to prevent further gas supply after a flashback (activated by the pressure shock in front of the flashback). The flashback arrestors are build Conform to: EN 730/ISO 5175 and with BAM Certification no.: ZBF/009/12


  • Pressure activated cut-off valve
  • Flame arrestor
  • Thermal valve
  • Non-return valve


  • Stops the pressure front
  • Prevents fire from being supported by gas
  • Stops the flame front
  • Stops gas from back feeding into the system

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