Emergency Breathing System (EBS)

The Halo passenger lifejacket is available with a fully integrated Emergency Breathing System (EBS). The bespoke Survitec EBS has been designed to be deployed in one swift movement and features a carbon composite cylinder, braided low pressure hose and second stage with integrated nose clip. The bespoke Category A EBS features a mouthpiece integrated with the nose clip. Weighing in at just 949g, the EBS is 43% lighter than previous Survitec models and 30% lighter than competing products. The Civil Aviation Authority CAP 1034 guidelines (Development of a Technical Standard for Emergency Breathing Systems) states that EBS should provide sufficient air supply for 60 seconds of breathing time at a depth down to 2m. With a working pressure of 310 bar, the cylinder provides 80% more breathable air than the industry minimum standard.


  • Capacity to hold 99.2lt of breathable air - providing 80% more breathable air than the industry minimum standard
  • Ready to use
  • Features colour coded contents gauge which indicates cyclinder's pressure 
  • Compressor or refill station as part of the Halo package
  • Lifejacket and EBS mandatory training provided

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