Airpex Warrior Life Preserver

A new generation of body armour capable, fully modular aircrew life preserver for combat operations. The optional integrated ballistic protection, up to NIJ Level IV provides protection to pilots and rear crew from small arms fire including 7.62mm BZ API.


  • For use by front and rear aircrew
  • Modular equipment pockets for essential survival aids and mission adaptability
  • Integrated Fall Arrest Harness
  • Available in four sizes with adjustment to optimise comfort and fit
  • Lightweight fabrics to minimise thermal burden
  • Available in Sage Green and Desert Tan colours
  • Single or twin buoyancy options ensure compliance with different safety case and mission requirements
  • Removable crotch straps and PSP loops 
  • Size Guide: 
    • Size 1 84 to 116cm / 33 to 46in
    • Size 2 97 to 129cm / 38 to 50in
    • Size 3 110 to 142cm / 43 to 56in
    • Size 4 123 to 155cm / 48 to 62in


Body Armor A comprehensive range of body armour options ensures maximum protection for front and rear crew from small arms fire. The range of armour offered includes lightweight buoyant plates offering NIJ Level III+ and lightweight hard plates providing protection up to NIJ level IV. Both types of plate are standalone and do not require additional soft armour. Please see below for additional body armour specifications. An extra small front plate is also offered for smaller aircrew
Integrated fall arrest harness For rear crew the AirPEX Warrior includes a fully integrated fall arrest harness to protect crews operating close to an open door or ramp. The ergonomically designed harness ensures mobility and comfort whilst providing the required protection against falling from the aircraft during flight
Pockets A range of equipment pockets ensure all survival aids and mission critical equipment can be attached/detached quickly using the MACS/MOLLE webbing system
Sizes Four standard sizes with additional side buckle adjustment ensures perfect fit and long mission comfort for male and female pilots and crew
Lightweight fabrics Stay cool in hot conditions, lightweight fabrics and human centric design reduce the risk of discomfort and heat stress which can compromise performance
Fire retardant materials To ensure maximum protection in the event of an aircraft fire
Colours Available in Sage Green and Desert Tan colours allowing operation in different terrains using appropriate colours
Buoyancy options

Single Chamber – 200N
Double Chamber – 350N

Single or twin buoyancy options ensure compliance with different safety case and mission requirements. The buoyancy stole can be easily and quickly removed to convert into a survival vest for land mode operations


  Front Plate Level III+ Rear Plate Level III+ Front Plate Level IV+ Rear Plate Level IV+
Plate description Lightweight Buoyant Hard Armour Lightweight Hard Armour
Configuration Stand Alone – additional soft armour is not required Stand Alone – additional soft armour is not required
Cut Shooters Shooters
Threat Protection 9 mm,
.40 S&W
.357 Mag,
.44 Mag
7.62mm M80 Ball
5.56mm M193
7.62mm MSC PS Ball
7.62mm LPS†‡

Additional to level III+
5.56mm SS109
5.56mm “Green Tip”
5.56mm NATO
7.62mm BZ API

†: Stops round
‡: IAW NIJ 0101.06 at reduced velocity

Multi hit 6 2
Buoyant Yes No
Plate Thickness 27 mm 21 mm
Weight Medium plate= 1.08 kg Medium plate = 2.16kg
Specification Tested against NIJ 0101-06 Tested against NIJ 0101.06

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