Life Ark MES Solution

Trusted technology, enhanced safety

In the event of an emergency on board your vessel, your passengers and crew need to be able to disembark safely in less than 30 minutes.

Discover our advanced Marine Evacuation System (MES) with unique helical slide-based technology. Technology trusted by global cruise operators to protect passengers and crew for over 20 years. Now available for ropax ferries and small cruise ships.

Life Ark has been developed for vessels with passenger capacities ranging from 300 to 1,500 with a maximum freeboard height of 23 metres. Designed with passenger experience in mind, ensuring a safe, rapid and intuitive descent for all ages and abilities with no restrictions on passenger size. Crew can also ascend the slide to assist passengers if necessary.

Life Ark+

Expect cost efficiencies and reduced disruption to your operations from our extended service option of up to 30 months, with the standard 12-month service remaining if you choose it. With flexible solutions for all vessels, you can partner with us for a through life, fully managed MES solution.



  • Helical slide ensures descent is safe, rapid, and intuitive
  • Each system evacuates up to 600 passengers quickly and comfortably
  • No restrictions and safe for all ages, sizes, and abilities, with room to assist injured passengers
  • Single or double helical slide options available to meet your passenger capacity
  • Available in a variety of SOLAS and non-SOLAS approved liferaft options to suit your needs
  • Flexible design allows for installation on a wide range of configurations
  • Reduced crew actions, rapid and hassle-free deployment
  • Service support available on your regular trading routes through our global network



Survitec life ark - crew Life Ark features - chute Life ark features - inflated on water Life ark features - complete solution
Improve your passenger experience with unrestricted slide access for all ages, sizes and abilities Access cost efficiencies from our extended 30-month service option Reduce risk for error with built in automated technologies, reducing crew actions and aiding rapid deployment Explore flexible design with installation on a wide range of configurations



Survitec launches innovative cruise MES technology for small passenger vessels

Survival Technology leader Survitec has launched a new Marine Evacuation System (MES) designed to the meet the emergency evacuation requirements of small to medium size passenger vessels.

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