Building on the success of past immersion suit designs Crewsaver have developed the latest neoprene suit with buoyancy pillow.

Providing over 140N of buoyancy enables the suit to be worn without a lifejacket, an attached buoyancy pillow supports the wearer when floating face up.

Since July 2006, regulations for cargo ships and bulk carriers trading outside the parallels 20 degrees north or 20 degrees south have stipulated that one fully approved immersion or abandonment suit must be carried for each crew member. The Crewsaver immersion suit range allows you to comply with these regulations.

Crewsaver immersion suits are fully approved to the current SOLAS MED regulations. They are made from 5mm fire retardant neoprene to provide good insulation and resistance to oil, sunlight and seawater. Quick and easy to put on, each is supplied in its own carry bag with donning instructions included. All seams are glued and blind-stitched to ensure they are totally waterproof. Critical areas are taped for additional reinforcement and the foot sole is reinforced. The suit also provides thermal protection.

Crewsaver immersion suits are already used by many of the world’s shipping lines and offshore oil & gas exploration companies. High build quality, ease of use and compact stowage are just some of the many features that make these products a lifesaving choice.


  • Buoyancy pillow
  • Unpacked and donned in under 2 minutes
  • 40mm nylon lifting strop harness with stainless steel D-ring
  • Waterproof zip and MED/SOLAS approved reflective tape
  • Withstands the impact of a jump into water from 4.5m
  • Fire retardant neoprene construction
  • Prevents a typical wearer’s core body temperature from dropping by more than 2ºC after six hours in calm water of 0-2ºC


  • MED/SOLAS approved Lifejacket light

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Surface Lifejacket Light

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