Crewfit 150N

Crewsaver commercial lifejackets are a vital piece of equipment to ensure the safety of your co-workers and crew at all times. 

The Crewfit 150N is an ideal lifejacket solution for anyone operating on or around water.

Fitted with an integrated harness, the lightweight lifejacket is easy to put on and the waist adjuster help to ensure a comfortable fit. Should you fall in the water, the dual crotch straps will stop the lifejacket from rising up over your face and help keep your airway clear.

The low-profile shape and short profile gas cylinder means this compact lifejacket is designed to minimise any interference with your day-to-day work.

Building on its reputation for cutting-edge technology, this Crewfit 150N is fitted with the EXOLOK which holds the gas cylinder securely in position and provides a clear indication if it moves, becomes unscrewed or is tampered with.

The 150N bladder outperforms approval and offers 165N worth of buoyancy and safety features include built-in chin support, lifting becket and reflective tape.



  • Built-in inflatable chin support to help protect the airway
  • Reflective tape to aid visibility
  • Lifting becket to aid recovery
  • Intuitive waist adjuster to ensure a correct fit
  • Supplied with dual crotch straps
  • Integrated harness
  • EXOLOK to provide increased security for gas cylinder
  • Easy to re-pack with the Velcro cover fastenings

CSL Light Supply and Fit


Spray Hood 150N Supply and Fit

Part Code: SUPFITHOOD150/165

Dual Crotch Strap (Packaged)

Part Code: 10032


33 g CO2 Cylinder for 150N Lifejackets

Part Code: 12040-C

Capsules Mk5i Black Auto Capsule

Part Code: 10062

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