• Includes all items necessary for the gas central room, including signs, racks, equipment and brackets to be screwed or welded to deck and bulkhead
  • Included are also pre-welded unions to be welded to the distribution pipes, and brazed to the evacuation pipes from the regulator safety valves
  • Gas cylinders, cylinder trolley, clamps, bushings and outlet stations should be ordered separately in necessary quantities


  • Safe for crew, equipment and environment
  • Can be released immediately when a fire is detected, avoiding unnecessary damage caused by the fire
  • Is safe for use in occupied spaces
  • Easy to install and operate



The gas distribution central shall be installed in a separate, ventilated room. Up to 8 cylinders, can be stored in the same room. If there are more cylinders, there shall be one room for acetylene and one for oxygen.

The cylinders are fixed to the central, and connected to high pressure mainfolds with flexible high pressure hoses. The manifold leads the gas to a central pressure regulator, where from the gas is distributed through fixed piping to the various gas outlet stations onboard.

The safety valve of the central regulator must be connected to a pipe to carry any escaping gas out on the open deck.



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This system was previously known as the Unitor Ac/Ox Welding Gas Distribution System.

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