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If a fire breaks out in an enclosed area on a vessel, we depend on an extinguishing system that deploys quickly, is effective and safe for personnel.
The Survitec High Expansion Foam Fire Extinguishing System (SurvitecHiFoam System) is an extremely effective protection for machinery space applications. Further, the system is cost effective and safe for the crew and environment.

Speach mark icon This High Expansion Foam System is now branded Survitec.


  • Fast and effective solution for machinery space fires with filling rate of 1.8 metre per minute
  • The system can be installed as a total flooding solution for the entire machinery room or for individual compartments
  • Quick activation of the system minimises fire and heat damage to equipment and structures
  • The foam is not harmful and the cooling effect hinders the fire from reigniting after it is extinguished
  • No hazardous decomposition products that could cause damage are formed
  • Expansion ratio up to 1:666 at nominal pressure of 6 bar using inside air


  • A cost effective solution
  • Designed for optimal system performance, keeping both installation and operational costs low
  • Do not require an external foam generating room. The high expansion ratio and the stable condition of the foam results in a very rapid filling rate with low water and foam concentration consumption
  • The expansion ratio of 1:666 using internal air eliminates the need for extensive air ducting and fans
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • For services purposes, replacement of the foam concentrate is available worldwide




The Survitec HiFoam system uses a synthetic foam concentrate together with fresh/sea water and inside air to produce extinguishing foam. The system consists of foam generators, foam concentrate, foam storage tank at atmospheric pressure and other system components like water and foam pump(s), foam proportioner, distribution pipes made of galvanized steel or equivalent corrosion resistant material, strainer, valves, test-and-blow-through lines, power and control system. When the system is activated, the foam concentrate is mixed with water and discharged into protected space through the foam generators. The nominal working pressure is 6 bar at the foam generators. For optimal effectiveness it is critical that the foam concentrate is mixed with water in the correct proportions throughout the fi re fighting operation. This is secured by the proportioner that gives the right mix in the full operating range. Foam generators expand the foam mixture with use of air drawn from the protected space. The foam is discharged from foam generators over the fire risk hazards first and fill up protected space completely. The system can be manually released from the foam room by directly

operating the valves and pumps. It can also be remotely operated by a centrally located control cabinet for operational flexibility.


Activation of the System

The Survitec high foam system can be released

  • Manually  from the foam central room by directly operating the valves and pumps
  • Remotely from a control cabinet located centrally with local control cabinets for operational flexibility


Extinguishing fire using High Expansion Foam

The high expansion foam suppresses fire first by separating the fuel from the air, suffocating the flames and immediately preventing further combustion. The foam then cools the area on fi re and reduces evaporation of flammable vapours into the air. This is the most effective way of starving the fi re of oxygen and cooling the objects on fi re. The high expansion foam has high resistance to heat and smoke generated during the fire.


System Configuration (Click to view)



The Survitec high expansion foam system is designed as total flooding system for machinery spaces of Category A, cargo pump rooms and other enclosed spaces onboard vessels or on offshore installations.

 Survitec High Foam Vessel


The high foam system can be applied on merchant marine and offshore structures as it is designed in accordance to SOLAS and IMO MODU Code. The system is approved by all major classification societies and has undertaken a class witnessed 20 metres foam stack height test.

  • SOLAS, Chapter II-2, Part C, Reg. 10
  • FSS Code, Chapter 6
  • IMO MSC/Circ. 1384 and 670
  • Classification societies rules and regulations
  • Authorities rules and regulations.
  • Other standards (EN, ISO, DOT, etc)


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