Digitalise onboard safety management

SMARR-TI is our interactive safety management solution that allows you to monitor and control all your onboard fire safety systems – including your fire detection, fire prevention and fire suppression systems – within one integrated and easy-to-use solution.






SMARR-TI equips your crew with a graphical visualisation of the fire systems on board your vessel, paired with real-time status updates and notifications so they receive early warning of any changing conditions. In the event of a fault or alarm, your crew has full visibility of the equipment at their disposal and the ability to deploy systems automatically where possible, allowing them to take swift, decisive action to prevent or contain a fire, and protect onboard safety.

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Survitec icon detect
  • Receive instant notification of technical faults impacting system delivery, such as faulty connections or interruptions to power
  • Receive warnings of pre-alarm conditions, such as temperature exceeding pre-defined limits, or the presence of smoke or flame
  • Distinguish immediately between routine maintenance issues and situations requiring an emergency response, so you can manage resources accordingly
Survitec icon prevent
  • Identify the precise location, and the exact nature, of the alarm instantly on the ship plan visualisation
  • Integrate and control your CCTV cameras within SMARR-TI too, for an immediate view of the affected zone and local areas
  • Mobilise your crew more quickly and efficiently, suitably equipped to take immediate, preventive action to secure the space and protect life


Survitec icon contain
  • Immediately identify the safety systems at your disposal within any protected space
  • Select a system and then follow the step-by-step instructions displayed on screen to proceed towards deployment
  • Automatically sound the alarm, close fire doors and fire dampers, shutdown ventilation where necessary, and trigger signals to the public announcement and alarm monitoring systems, all within the same system


Survitec icon suppress
  • Activate fire suppression systems, such as water mist, automatically, to reduce the time to deployment.
  • Follow the operating procedures displayed on screen to guide you through system deployment, support effective decision-making, and reduce the risk of human error in high-stress situations
  • Streamline your firefighting operations and save valuable seconds or even minutes to help protect life and minimise damage



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