Global leaders in safety solutions


Survival. Technology. These two words do more than merge to form our name. They encapsulate everything the Survitec Group of companies is about and embrace the solutions we offer.

We enable our customers to operate in highly legislative, global markets effectively & safely, by providing through-life, cross-sector solutions through best value products & services. Our people are experts in the design, manufacture, inspection, service & maintenance of critical safety equipment.

Survitec is a world-leading survival technology brand that enables our customers to operate in highly legislative markets effectively and safely, offering solutions through a portfolio of products and services spanning the marine, aviation, defence and offshore sectors. Our brand symbolises innovation, technical expertise and knowledge and with a long heritage of supplying products that can be relied on, we continually strive to ensure that the Survitec brand remains synonymous with quality and excellence. We understand that your lifesaving equipment is a long term investment, which is why we also offer an unrivalled after sales support service. It's with our experience of over 90 years in this business that we understand the importance of reliable, accessible and value for money after sales support.


Safer by Design


With over 50 years of industry experience, Crewsaver is recognised as one of the foremost suppliers of lifejackets and dinghy sailing equipment in the world and is a market leader in the marine safety sector. Designed and developed with advanced testing procedures and facilities by water sport enthusiasts, our products are currently sold to over 40 countries worldwide, and can be relied upon by our customers.

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Recreational Safety


Yak, produces and manufactures products that are purposely designed for the white water, recreational and touring kayaking and canoe markets. Our 50 years of experience manufacturing safety products through the Crewsaver brand gives our products a winning combination of seamless technology for high performance. Safer than your average PFD's you won't want to go on the water without a Yak.

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The Frontier of survival technology


The RFD brand is world renowned and a frontier of marine safety. These products and technologies have served a pioneering role in the marine industry, and has always paid careful attention to the challenges that customers and users face, to develop premium and cost-effective solutions. After over 90 years' the brand is still at the forefront of survival technology, designing and manufacturing high quality and award-winning safety products for marine and aviation customers worldwide.


Masters in Boat Design


Our DSB branded products are renowned for their sturdiness of design and long product life. Safety is our top priority; each individual product is designed to offer optimum protection in the most extreme environments. Renowned for excellence in boats, other products include Commercial Liferafts, Leisure Liferafts, Marine Evacuation Systems, Submarine Escape & Immersion Equipment, and a range of Pilot Flight Equipment.


Leading US commercial Liferaft brand


More than 45 years ago, Elliot manufactured its first life raft using US Military specifications and materials, becoming the first commercial life rafts to receive US Coast Guard approval. Today, Elliot remains the leading brand of commercial life raft in the United States, offering a complete line of inflatable rafts for Military, Merchant Marine, Commercial Fishing, Passenger and Recreational vessels. Elliot now utilises state-of-the-art high frequency welding and polyurethane material to produce a high quality, long lasting life raft. Elliot liferafts have been USCG approved and are designed for use on a variety of commercial marine vessels.


Liferaft manufacturing excellence

RFD Toyo

RFD Toyo is Survitec's marine brand serving the Japanese marine market. Encompassing the heritage and innovation of the RFD portfolio with the TOYO brand's ethos and reputation for manufacturing excellence, products in the RFD Toyo range have developed to become the choice of our most discerning marine customers in the Asian market.


Innovative marine safety heritage


The SurvitecZodiac brand has a heritage of supplying the marine market with reliable and innovative equipment. Leveraging the experience and expertise of their dedicated workforce to manufacture, supply and service a wide variety of products, SurvitecZodiac an exceptional addition to the Survitec Group brand portfolio with its focus on market longevity, quality and manufacturing excellence.


Firefighting Solutions

Novenco Fire Fighting

The Novenco Fire Fighting brand offers market leading water based firefighting solutions, including the unique XFlow® Water Mist technology. It is recognised as a safe and reliable solution by customers globally. All system related product management and development is done in Denmark, in compliance with maritime and national requirements.


Inert Gas Specialists

Maritime Protection

Maritime Protection is an engineering and manufacturing company specialising in inert gas systems for the marine and offshore industries. Maritime Protection AS has for more than 40 years delivered high quality inert gas generators and nitrogen gas generators, executing orders of great complexity, and to the highest marine and offshore standards.