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Trusted to Protect Lives. We are pioneers of Survival Technology. Our wearable survival equipment, fire solutions and survival craft technology keep people safe when their life depends on it. We have 3,000 people that work with our partners in 96 countries to provide trustworthy solutions that reduce risk and help protect lives.


Why? Because We Exist to Protect Lives.

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Optimise your dry dock safety service

Discover our new, fully-managed supply and service solution

We cover the full range of safety equipment onboard your vessel, providing expert support from start to finish to help ensure you complete on time, every time.

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Seahaven has received the inaugural MV Derbyshire Award

Recognised for our important contribution to maritime safety

Presented to Stew Gregory, our lead designer of Seahaven, the award reflects the focus of the Derbyshire families, encompassing all that is important in developing solutions for safety at sea.

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The role of IG in the transition towards cleaner marine fuels

How our IG systems are supporting the move away from high-polluting fuels

Bernt Øhrn from our Maritime Protection brand reports on a surge in orders for inert gas (IG) systems as the industry prepares to meet new emissions requirements.

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Our Aircrew flight equipment selected for block 70/72 F-16 “Viper”

We have been awarded a contract by Lockheed Martin

Viper pilots will be better protected and more comfortable during flight, and if they ever have to eject, will benefit from the very best protection available.

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