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As the world’s largest supplier of Inflatable Life Saving Systems, Survitec has extensive knowledge of developing inflatable structures for niche markets. Using the latest technology and engineering practices to advance our impressive portfolio of custom-build products, we remain at the forefront of an evolving industry. Our management and production process is specifically designed to allow our team the flexibility to prototype any concept presented to us. We pride ourselves on our adaptability and are confident that our scope for bringing new and innovative inflatable products to market remains unmatched.


The Survitec Car Dummies are developed and made for testing of driver assistance systems such as brake assist. The Car Dummies are made from heavy duty, high quality materials and withstand repeated and prolonged usage for many years. 



The Maintenance Lifting System has been designed specifically for vehicles, tanks and aeroplane maintenance. With a lifting capacity ranging from 220lbs to 132,000lbs, it enables the user to be able to perform maintenance with ease and safety. When the Maintenance Lifting System is inflated, the drop threads restrict expansion and create a flat slab of even thickness sustainability enhancing the lateral stability of the elevator structure. 



The Survitec Gas Storage Balloons are used for multiple applications including storage, pressure regulation and recycling of gases and fumes such as CO2 and N2, as well as inert gases including Argon and Helium. Employed by a large number of users, the gas storage balloons can be found in breweries, clean gas producers, sewage and biological gas storage installations and research and environmental institutes. 



Survitec have been providing safety and recreational equipment to the recreational park industry for more than 25 years. We currently supply all major European and American theme parks including; Disney Parks, Busche Gardens, Europa Park, Hansa Park, Hyde Park and Asterix Park to name a few. Our two most sought after products are:

Tubing and collars for theme park rides

Two man boats for use on waterslides




The Survitec Sewer Sealing Cushions are an economical alternative to conventional pipe plugs and offers a range of diameter versatility. Survitec sewer sealing cushions are made for sewer rehabilitation, waste water treatment, and rescue operations. Our durable, lightweight sealing cushions are available in a wide variety of sizes, each covering a broader range of pipe diameters. The Sewer Sealing Cushions are easily repairable, light weight and offer longevity. 



The Flexible Containers are used for temporary or permanent storage of a wide range of fluids and granules. Offered in three different forms, the flexible containers can hold any weight ranging from 1000 to 10000 litres. Survitec Flexible Containers are employed for a large variety of purposes including temporary or permanent storage of water, heating and diesel oil, fuel, chemicals, and other fluids in a stationary or transport mode. 

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