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A pledge is defined as a solemn promise or undertaking. At Survitec, we pledge to honour our Purpose, “We Exist to Protect lives”.

It is our responsibility to ensure those who rely on our solutions continue to trust us for their Survival Technology needs and feel well-protected if the worst happens.





Safety and reducing risk are integral to everything we do

You promote a supportive and accountable culture, raising issues, admitting errors without fear, and highlighting your own mistakes. You work consistently to improve the safety and wellbeing of yourselves and others.


We are committed to delivering real value and confidence to our customers

You put the customer first, be it your internal or external customer, in your decisions and actions. You constantly seek opportunities to improve the customer experience. You manage expectations in the right way, being open and transparent.


We care for our people and invest in their development as individuals and teams

You consistently perform at your best and always do the right thing, even when it’s difficult. You continue to develop yourself, your team and the teams around you. You are empathic and self-aware and understand how your behaviours impact others.






We seek to innovate at every opportunity

Change is what helps us learn and grow. You have a continuous improvement mindset. You are comfortable with and accept change and have a willingness to try out new methods, processes, ways of working or techniques. When you seek to innovate at Survitec, failure is acceptable when acted upon, “fail fast, learn quick”.


Integrity - we do what we say we will do

You can explain Survitec Values and describe the ethical standards required, as per the Survitec Code of Conduct. You consistently practice and encourage the right Survitec behaviors and avoid double standards.


We aim for excellence in everything we do

You understand that as the world’s leading Survival Technology solutions provider, ”that is good enough,” is never good enough. Within your role, you maintain accountability, consistently achieving targets. You adopt a proactive approach driving yourself and others to seek continuous improvement. You continuously look to solve problems and avoid using workarounds.




Our heritage of Survival Technology began in 1920 with a chance encounter between airship balloon expert Reginald Foster Dagnall and an old friend.




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