Elcio continuously seeks opportunities for professional development

Our technicians are as important as the equipment they service 

Elcio Ferreira, part of our Trusted to Protect Lives team for over 12 years, is one of our Senior Maintenance Technicians based in Macé in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Elcio began working in the maritime industry with a local company, following recommendations to explore the Fire Rescue Safety sector. Elcio considers himself a technician who started his career and training with Survitec.

Beginning at Apprentice 1, he continuously progressed through every development opportunity available to him, going from Apprentice 1 to Apprentice 3, through to Assistant Technician, then Technician, all the way to his current role of Senior Maintenance Technician.

He notes having some prior knowledge through a Mechanical Technician and Equipment Inspector course and naturally acquiring information through those he worked with. Elcio advanced further in his roles due to the vast training levels and support Survitec provided.

Today, he is trusted and qualified to provide services and inspections for several firefighting equipment and lifesaving appliances.

Elcio reflects on the work he performs and the valuable service we provide. We support our customers with onboard visits and carry out functionality tests, maintaining the equipment so that if the crew ever need to use it, it will work - our technicians are as important as the equipment they service.

Survitec Service Technician Elcio Ferreira

Elcio values the support provided, the open conversations he can engage in with his manager and the working environment he shares with his colleagues. He feels part of a big family that cares for each other and admires being part of a team Trusted to Protect Lives.

The most challenging part is the continuously evolving environment. To be an expert in our field and provide a quality service, Elcio acknowledges the importance of staying updated. It is what differentiates us and makes us global leaders. Thankfully, he finds that we offer many opportunities to improve your knowledge through training and exchanging experiences with technicians, supervisors, and managers, allowing continuous development and enhancements of your skillset.

If you seek a role that provides extensive training, opportunities for professional growth, and a lifelong valuable career, then Elcio believes you should join our Survitec family.

Be part of the team trusted to protect lives

As a Survitec Service Technician, you will have the opportunity to develop in your role and feel proud of the work you do. Working at Survitec is fast paced, challenging and incredibly rewarding. Join our team of global and diverse talents. To attract and retain the best talent, we have the following programs in place:

  • Training and development opportunities so colleagues can grow in their careers
  • Rewarding our people for going the extra mile and living our values
  • Building an inclusive culture - where everyone thrives and feels empowered to be their best self

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