Eloy’s success through collaboration

From Fire & Safety Manager to Operations Manager

Eloy Vinas Pons works as an Operations Manager for Southern Europe, based in Barcelona, Spain. Eloy started in 2008, as a Fire & Safety Manager, with an ambition to develop and improve our Fire & Safety service in Barcelona. The first step was ensuring the site was 100% operational.

To achieve this, Eloy purchased a complete set of machinery for testing Fire & Safety equipment, then assisted in training his team on Fire & Safety equipment and system inspections. Eloy mentions that his colleagues from Antwerp played a critical part in helping every time they needed it.

Once operational, Eloy continued to make further improvements. After spending a few months at our Antwerp site, learning the lifeboat business, Eloy introduced this service at our Barcelona site, enhancing its capabilities.

With a degree in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering and an MBA, Eloy’s passion is the drive to start new projects that add critical value to our overall business and our customers. He notes that over his 15-year journey, nothing is better than receiving thanks from a customer for a successful service.

Eloy noticed throughout his career that his colleagues and those across the business possess many years of experience. He utilises this unique asset for survey work, as there is always someone, somewhere, who knows to help with any challenges.

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Eloy was able to enhance his team-working skillset through his experiences at Survitec. He acknowledges the value of teams that work well together, as it brings a culture of collaboration and motivation to the workplace. At Survitec, he appreciates that any idea from any team member gets considered. Eloy admires our ability to unite and utilise our shared skills and talents to complete our goals.

In Eloy’s words, “if you want to work for a dynamic team where no one day is the same as before, you should join Survitec.”


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