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In line with our values, safety and reducing risk is integral to everything we do. We are continuously building upon existing health and safety initiatives and reducing risks in the workplace.

Training and development are at the heart of building a crucial safety culture. Our GHOST Programme exists to expand our team’s knowledge and expertise on safety.

Our GHOST Programme

GHOST aims to equip all areas of our business with the tools and knowledge to drive consistent and best-in-class safety practices. GHOST assists in training, developing, and upskilling our teams across a range of HSE (Health & Safety and Environmental) topics, including the relevant legislation and regulations.

Safety never sleeps, and we want colleagues to be empowered and constantly seek out opportunities to improve our safety culture.

GHOST team members are:

  • The onsite lead for QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) supported by Regional QHSE department(s) – EMEA, APAC, AMERICAS.
  • Part of a Global Network of GHOST Leaders sharing and learning together
  • Assisting in driving HSE improvements on our sites
  • Providing on-site support to managers and colleagues regarding any HSE issues
  • Monitoring local HSE legislation and guidance, ensuring compliance and best practice is achieved


Being part of the GHOST Programme

GHOST is a voluntary programme. It is open to those who have a passion for health safety in the workplace. It's also an opportunity for colleagues who wish to develop HSE Skills.

Our executive team is committed to supporting all members of our GHOST Programme. Colleagues are allocated time as a GHOST Leader to attend training sessions and meetings.

All Survitec colleagues have an important role to play in driving a zero-incident safety culture. GHOSTS lead by example and place safety at the forefront of everything we do. 


Introducing our GHOSTS: From Left to Right: Compliancy, Environmental, Fire, Health and Chemical.


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