How do we ensure the continuous production of high-quality, competitive products?

It is thanks to our Manufacturing Engineers, of course. Meet Rebecca. 

Survitec seeks to innovate at every opportunity. We've built our legacy by innovating first-to-market Survival Technology solutions thanks to the commitment of our highly skilled and dedicated teams.

Including Rebecca Patterson. Rebecca spends her days working to enhance everything we do in pursuit of continuous improvement to protect the lives of those who need our products.

Seven months into her role at Survitec, Rebecca is currently responsible for seeking opportunities to increase capacity in our aviation liferaft manufacturing and finding efficiencies in our lifejacket manufacturing, enabling us to exceed our customer requirements more efficiently and effectively. She's also recently joined the Seahaven (the world's largest inflatable lifeboat) project team, working with the team responsible for the helical evacuation slide.

Her days are fast paced, with new opportunities being developed regularly.

"I joined Survitec because of the product range. How our systems work, and the material science involved can be very intricate. We must choose the right combination of pressure, heat, and materials for the most effective use," quoted Rebecca.

"When I started the company, I had design skills and material knowledge, achieved through my master's in Product Design Engineering. At Survitec, I've been able to build on my practical knowledge and gain on-the-job experience," she continued.

The main draw to working for Survitec for Rebecca? The people and the product. Having a job where you're making something as important as Survival Technology to protect lives - that really makes it.

Survitec Rebecca Patterson

Be part of the team trusted to protect lives

As a Survitec Service Technician, you will have the opportunity to develop in your role and feel proud of the work you do. Working at Survitec is fast paced, challenging and incredibly rewarding. Join our team of global and diverse talents. To attract and retain the best talent, we have the following programs in place:

  • Training and development opportunities so colleagues can grow in their careers
  • Rewarding our people for going the extra mile and living our values
  • Building an inclusive culture - where everyone thrives and feels empowered to be their best self

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