How Tommy has always put safety first

15 years of commitment and hard work at Survitec

Tommy joined Survitec as a Technical Service Manager in 2007 and has been with us for 15 years. Tommy’s engineering roles in various fields helped him gain experience and knowledge; he explains that his previous roles helped him gain valuable field understanding to support his current position.

Tommy graduated from the Korean Maritime University in 1989, majoring in Marine Engineering. After graduating, he worked as a Marine Engineer for several merchant ships. Tommy operated in these roles for several years. After hard work and commitment, he got promoted to Chief Engineer. He also briefly worked as a Fire, Rescue and Safety (FRS) Technician but decided to return to merchant ships.

Since joining, he has faced challenges, understanding that his role often contains time constraints. However, even though it can be challenging, Tommy knows his commitment to working at a high standard can make the customer happy. He loves knowing that his work allows the shipping industry to operate smoothly.

Tommy is always able to solve customer problems and takes pride in maintaining a safe service station. Through Tommy’s rich experience, he always provides prompt replies to customers because he can understand their requests accurately.

He embodies our customer value and increases trust in our name.

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The technical nature and safety first company culture are what motivate Tommy in his role at Survitec. He views this value as highly important and appreciates that he can always put it above all else. Tommy finds advantages in our global sales network and the continuous orders received. He admires working with experienced technicians and in a historic service station. As a previous seaman and now Technical Service Manager, he is delighted to operate in the maritime industry.

Tommy is proud to be part of our business and believes you should join as we have a team of very experienced engineers, and importantly, we always value safety first.



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