Hear from Survitec’s first female technician

Laura Edge, length of service 1998 - present day

In September 1998, after leaving her small town in Ontario, Laura Edge arrived in Vancouver looking for work. Unsure what to do, Laura spotted a role at Survitec for a 'Gasketing Technician'.

The role's primary responsibilities meant that Laura was the final technician to close out the serviced liferaft, ensuring it was packed correctly and ready to leave for the customer.

Laura explains, "I was the first female technician at Survitec. I was determined to gain more certification and approvals to move on to bigger roles within the year." Eleven months later, a Marine Evacuation Systems (MES) technician role became available, and Laura jumped at the opportunity.

Knowing that the role would take her worldwide, Laura worked with her boss to understand what was needed to succeed in the position.

"My confidence and ability to speak publicly meant that I was a strong candidate for the crew training, which was a significant responsibility in the role." Laura was given the training required to enable her to perform the technical requirements of the role.

For the next couple of years, Laura progressed through shadowing senior technicians during servicing, installation, and deployments of the MES.

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Laura was incredibly proud of her role and showed a keenness to volunteer. "We bought the manufacturing in-house, and I could see first-hand the full lifecycle of an MES. After two years in this role, I was fully qualified and given a chance to perform my duties alone!"

Laura travelled globally, spending significant time in Croatia and Italy. "I was fortunate to experience some incredible countries, people and extremely memorable days. Seeing the palpable excitement of the crew during deployment days still fills me with joy, knowing that this equipment will save lives and has saved lives".

One memorable moment lasted with Laura "I remember a Captain saying if the girl can do it, anyone can. Then with ease, I demonstrated the full duties of my role. I gained instant respect".

Laura then took time away from Survitec to start a family but knew there was a role for her awaiting her return. Needing a role that required less travel, Laura took an administrative position, working closely with the customers booking in the technicians and quoting servicing jobs. "I enjoyed this role as I could demonstrate I knew absolutely everything the customer needed. I knew the materials, time for service, and costs and could quickly answer any technical questions. I fully understood the scope of work and saw instant improvements in our customer relationships."

Laura completes her service technician training every three years to maintain her accreditation. Meaning she can continue to support the team should they need her during the busy periods.

Laura is now Operations Manager for Survitec Vancouver, and she demonstrates that a career at Survitec can most definitely be for life. "I was the one that put my hand up when anyone needed a volunteer or support with their duties. I tell my team now how important it is to show that interest and initiative, and if they do, good things will come to them, and opportunities will always open up."

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